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Water Tanks / Water Tenke

Water Tanks / Water Tenke

Welded Mesh Tanks 15000L
Welded Mesh Tanks 2000L

Water Tanks / Water Tenke

Rainbow Tarps and Linings offer a wide range of vertical welded mesh wall water tanks. These water tanks are ideal for rainwater harvesting and other storage applications, offering holding capacities from as little as 300 litres up to 20 000 litres. These storage tanks consist of a painted or galvanised welded mesh wall, with strong industrial geomembrane liners:

• 450 micron – for use as a standard water tank. Garden use and live stock water. Rainwater harvesting.
• 600 micron – for use as a potable water liner (Human consumption).
• 700 micron – extra heavy duty liner. (Chemical heavy tank) for tougher and more robust applications.

This system of water storage has been manufactured for decades, due to its cost effectiveness and reliability.

Due to the tanks being packaged in kit form, several units can be transported at a much lower cost than other water tanks. (5-10 units can be put on a 1 ton bakkie). This making it easy to transport to rural and remote areas at a fraction of the cost.

Rainbow Tarps and Linings have taken this same technology that is used to manufacture mesh dams up to a capacity of 128000 litres and applied it to our range of water storage tanks for rain water harvesting and storing potable borehole water, but with the added advantage of a much more cost effective rand per litre storage rate than current roto moulded tanks offered on the market (between 20-40% savings). We have three ranges available:

CLICK HERE: Series 10/10 – Budget / Domestic Range with painted welded mesh wall.

CLICK HERE: Series 50/50 – Industrial Range with galvanised welded mesh wall.

CLICK HERE: Series 50/25 – Industrial Range with galvanised welded mesh wall.

All ranges offer the 450, 600, 700 micron liners discussed above.

All tanks come standard with a 40 mm over flow and outlet with tap.