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Pool Covers / Swembad Seile

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Pool Covers to shape any pool

Pool Covers / Swembad Seile

Rainbow Tarps and Linings manuafacture Pool covers that offer great cost saving and other benefits to the pool owner like:

  • Water – reduces evaporation – saving water.
  • Electricity – filter time is reduced, saving electricity
  • Algae growth – chances of quick growth greatly reduced.
  • Water temperature – Raised up to 5%
  • Debris and Dust – greatly reduced from entering the pool
  • Water contamination – greatly reduced.
  • Chemicals – Greatly reduced resulting in cash savings
  • Safety – incredible safely levels to children.

Rainbow Tarps and linings pool covers are manufactured from one of the following options:

  • Recycled 500g – Black on the one side and some or other printing on the other side.
  • Virgin 500g – Black on the top side, white on the other side.
  • Virgin 550g – Blue both sides.
  • Virgin 600g – Top side blue, under side black.

Our recycled 500 g is an eco-friendly and cost effective option for the cash strapped pool owner. Covers can be made to fit any pool size and shape. Covers are held in place by stainless steel pool hooks and plates. These can be DIY installed or by our factory installation team.