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Ground Sheets / Grond Seile

Groundsheets for camping tents

Ground Sheets

Rainbow Tarps and Linings ground sheets are made from either 280 g polyester scrim reinforced mesh (specialised netted ground sheet) or from a recycled or virgin 500 g or 550 g reinforced PVC tarp. The 280g PVC mesh is tough, hard wearing and does not fray. This is great for pegging onto the ground as a larger ground cover, preventing dust and loose grass blowing around on your camping/ caravan stand. If a solid waterproof plastic ground sheet is preferred then the reinforced recycled 500 g or virgin 550 g is more suitable. The ground sheets have a wide range of applications from waterproofing small tents to large marquee tents, fumigation tarps for inside tunnels and as drying surfaces for fresh produce such as coffee, maize etc.

Standard sizes available: 12 m x 9 m, 9 m x 9 m,  9 m x 6 m, 6 m x 6 m,  6 m x 3 m

All other sizes can be made to customers specifications.