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Grain Dams and Bunkers/ Graan Damme en Bunkers

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Grain Dams and Bunkers / Graan Damme en Bunkers

Rainbow tarps and linings manufacture Grain Dams that are ideal for on-farm storing and preservation of grain and other dry agricultural harvested produce i.e.: mielies, sun flower seeds, sorghum etc. Our welded mesh wall grain storage dams have a holding capacity of approximately 150 tons. They are packed in a kit form and 2 or 3 units can fit on a 1 ton bakkie. They are easily DIY installed.

Grain dam size – 9.35 m diameter x 2.2 m deep / approximately 150 tons capacity. The painted mesh wall has 20 cm x 20 cm apertures with 5.6 mm diameter thick vertical and horizontal strands. They are fitted with a virgin 550 g or 620 g reinforced PVC plastic liner with a circular cover fitted with eyelets to tie down over the grain being stored. Smaller sized dams can be made on request.

Rainbow Tarps and Linings realise that Grain Bunkers have gained popularity with large scale farmers growing maize, sunflowers and sorghum etc. Who wish to store their grain on farms and this saving on grain storage fees at the silos.

Although Rainbow Tarps does not supply and erect bunker structures we do however offer the service of manufacturing the plastic ground sheets and covers that require replacing after some time. These ground sheets and covers protect the grain from pests and elements ie: rain, wind and dust.

They also allow for the grain to be fumigated. These plastic grain bunker ground sheets and tarpaulin covers are manufactured from a reinforced PVC Geomembrane and manufactured to customers sizes and specifications.