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Cargo Nets & Safety Nets

Rainbow Tarps & Linings manufacture cost-effective hand-woven cargo and safety nets for all kinds of applications.


Bakkie Net

Cargo Nets For: Transport & Shipping industry

  • Trucks
  • Trailers – Commercial & Domestic
  • Bakkies / Pickups
  • Shipping container nets
Container Net

Safety Nets for: Mining, Construction and Domestic Sectors

  • Pools
  • Bulk water safety covers
  • Scaffolding fall safety nets
  • Mine safety nets
Sport Net

Sports nets for: Sports, Clubs, Schools and Individuals

  • Volley ball nets
  • Golf practice nets
  • Polo nets
  • Obstacle course nets
  • Camping nets
Cargo Net 100-300

All nets are made from quality nylon rope/ski rope, with thickness of 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm or 12mm.

Nets start from 50mm apertures or holes sizes and go up to 500mm or as per customer requirements.