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Damgood Bladders

Water Bladder/Water Papsak/Water Blaas

Rainbow Tarps and Linings is a proud distributor of Damgood Bladders. A cost-effective liquid containment system that is effectively a “Dam in a Bag”.


Damgood Bladders

Due to the bladder being a sealed unit:

  • No algae growth.
  • No water contamination.
  • No loss due to evaporation takes place.

Dam good Bladders are quality tested by filling with air to twice the pressure that would be exerted when filled with water.

Damgood Bladders

Damgood bladders are a cost effective and easy way to store water fast.

Two Options are available:

  • Standard 800g Liner
  • Potable/Food grade 1000g Liner
Damgood Bladders

Bladders are extensively used on Farms, Mines and Private homes.  And are ideal for: -

  • Irrigation Dams
  • Live Stock Water
  • Bladder Hire for Temporary Water Storage
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Fire Fighting Tanks