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About Us

About Us

Rainbow Tarps and Linings is a family run business. Who believe that God sent His Son Jesus Christ into this world, that whosoever would believe on His name will be saved.

We run our business on Biblical values and principles, building relationships with our staff, suppliers and customers that would reflect the heart of God.

We have 16 years’ experience in manufacturing of PVC liners, tarps and other allied products for the Agricultural, Mining and Domestic sectors of the market. We are committed to excellent quality and service at affordable prices. We have the skill and ability to handle any sized Job no matter how big or small.


Rainbow Tarps and Linings will always give you quality advice and service with fast turn around times, if we cannot make it in the time frame you require we will not say we can. We will give you a price that is affordable without compromising on the quality of materials and workmanship, which carry a factory backed warranty.

We admit when the fault is on our side and work hard to resolve any issues as quick as possible.


Our Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) liners/ tarps are manufactured from virgin and recycled materials and are the most cost effective PVC liners and tarps in the country.
They conform to any shape and contour.
They can be joined with a watertight seam to any shape and size:
They are reinforced with a denier polyester mesh on the inside, with a PVC layer on either side thereof, which prevents it from tearing and fraying.
They can be repaired under water, with a special adhesive, preventing the tank having to be emptied in order to make the repair.