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Mesh Port-a–Pools/ Maasdraad swembaddens

Mesh Porta Pools/ Maasdraad swembaddens

Mesh Porta Pools
Mesh Port-a–Pools

Mesh Porta Pools

Rainbow Tarps and Linings' Mesh Porta Pools are a cost effective way to own a pool and stay cool this summer. These tried and tested vinyl pools have been around since the early 1960’s and have been proven as an alternative to expensive fibreglass and cement structured swimming pools. The pools come in a kit form and are easily transportable and DIY installed.

The pools walls are made up of a painted or galvanised welded wire mesh that is strong enough to hold the water pressure and people playing in the pool. We offer two thickness of Reinforced PVC liners:

  • a) 450 micron
  • b) 700 micron

The welded mesh swimming pools come is standard diameters of 2 m, 3 m, 4 m, and 6 m with depths of 0.8 m, 1,1 m and 1.2 m

The pools come with a 40 mm outlet and tap to drain and clean.

A simple flat pool cover is recommended to save on water, chemicals and to keep the pool clean and safe.

A small chlorine floater is all that is needed per 4 to 6 weeks to keep the water clean in summer if a pool cover is used and only 1 small chlorine floater over the winter season.

All pools carry a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship.